Most of the individuals do not realize the features and strength of paper because in their daily life paper is used as writing, printing and reading medium and has little perception about its strength. Very few people who are in corrugation industry understands about the strength and other qualities of the paper.

Corrugation material is the most versatile packaging material. 80% to 90% of the products and material is packed, moved, stored, handled and displayed in this versatile material.

However all individuals do not like to carry personally a corrugated box as their luggage. We have therefore made an attempt to transfer the design of a box into a design of a luggage & added all the features which are necessary to carry it personally and named it as Colour cube

Colour cube combines the best of the features of both the soft luggage and the moulded luggage. It occupies less space then the soft luggage and at the same time is strong and sturdy enough then the moulded luggage.