Eco-friendly              Carbon Credits
             Replaceable              Space saver
                 Strong and secured              Compartments
             Water Resistent              Affordable
             Colourful              Multi-Purpose
             Light weight


Eco-friendly :-

There are two popular kinds of luggage available in the market the moulded luggage which is made out of various kinds of hard and moulded plastics and the soft luggage which are made from flexible plastics and fabrics made out of nylons, polyesters, etc.

However, both the kinds of the luggage are not eco-friendly whereas colourCUBE the new concept in travel luggage is made from 100% recyclable paper and therefore it is eco- friendly as compared to the moulded luggage and the soft luggage.

Carbon Credits :-

Obviously, power energy consumption and the carbon generated, in the existing soft and moulded luggage is for more higher then the luggage made out of recyclable corrugated paper luggage colourCUBE

Replaceable :-

A unique feature of the bag is its replaceable wheels and accessories. One set of wheels fits into all sizes, thus you need not spend on wheels again on your next purchases of colourCUBE bags. With four rotating wheels you need not carry any weight on your arms nor you need to pay for the trollies at the airport or at the station.

Space saver :-

colourCUBE is a foldable luggage when not in use. It occupies less space than the soft luggage- saves space in godown, in transportation, on the retail counters at shops and at home. It saves on storage space without compromising on its strength.

Strong and secured :-

colourCUBE is completely enclosed and secured by integrated straps which enhances the look at the same time provides safety and security to the bag. The compression strength of an empty bag is 550 kgs per sq.cm. It also has a high bursting strength and puncture resistance.

Compartments :-

colourCUBE has compartments to organize your contents.

Water Resistant :-

colourCUBE is water resistant. The top paper and the board can be made water repellent through various methods such as water proof coatings, water proof inks, metallised paper, coated papers, eco-friendly laminates to break the psychological fear of the consumer, you can also laminate film and then switch to other options.

Affordable :-

colourCUBE is also great value for money. The per trip cost of this bag is less than any other luggage even without considering the cost of storage.

Colourful :-

colourCUBE is available in a range of colours and styles to match your personality and purpose of travelling. Never before has a bag been so personal and so colourful. colourCUBE also comes with the option of stickers of your choice that can be pasted on its surface.

Multi-purpose :-

colourCUBE is beyond luggage especially the introduction of top & bottom style luggage can be used as cabinet, drawer, containers, etc. It has great utility especially for students

Light weight :-

Being a paper product colourCUBE is lighter in weight. Therefore, you can carry more luggage or you pay less for the excess luggage.


Being Straight Line Design it has more inside content volume though the size is same as compared to other luggage..